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A spices range in your shop with Escale!

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As an independent trader, choose a small French family business specialised in the assembly and production of spices and concerned about the environment.

Working with a French artisanal spice brand !

Small businesses are currently facing major challenges, including rising raw material costs, successive economic crises, inflation which reduces consumers' purchasing power, changes in consumer habits, the persistence of teleworking in urban areas, and many others.

With the significant growth in social and environmental concerns, independent retailers have to make choices about products and suppliers to meet consumer expectations. Providing an offer aligned with these values has become essential to their success.

High-end local shops manage to stand out today and in the future by avoiding industrial products and over-represented big brands, in favour of craftsmen, small producers, family businesses and more responsible consumption alternatives. This strategy makes it possible to offer a unique and differentiated product range that meets the expectations of consumers looking to buy quality products, while supporting ethical and sustainable values.

Ask for samples !

Escale Aux Épices, artisan blender & producer of spices.

Escale Aux Épices is a brand of La Fabrikathé, an artisanal family business that creates and assembles all its spice, tea and plant blends by hand in its workshop located in Pouilly les Nonains, near Roanne, in the Loire region (42).

All of our blends are assembled by hand, and our raw materials are purchased in the shortest possible economic circuit. We have also launched our own herb plantation with the aim of producing 100% of our range. We have taken advantage of this to create an organic vegetable garden which allows us to supply fruit and vegetables to the families of our staff.

We are proud to be creative craftsmen, assemblers, producers and we are determined to remain so !

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Why work with Escale Aux Épices ?

  • A real craftsman ! We really do assemble all our recipes by hand !
  • We are very small ! A family business with a close relationship !
  • We don't go to your neighbour ! We are careful to respect the catchment area of each of our partners and not to be "over-represented" everywhere.
  • We invite you home ! We offer you a free and unlimited training in our premises.

Our role is more than just a supplier, as we see our customers as trusted partners and actively support them in the realisation of their project. We offer them tailor-made implementations and free training in our premises to help them succeed in their business.


Contact us on 04 28 72 00 90 or on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Escale aux Épices
Escale aux épices 42155 Pouilly les Nonains - Phone : +33 428 720 090

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