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Pepper is a familiar ingredient often found in kitchen cupboards, stored alongside other commonly used spices. The most common type of pepper is black pepper, sometimes already ground, which is often used to spice up meats and to add flavour to sauces.

Although pepper is primarily known for its pungent taste, its history and varieties offer a wealth of surprisingly diverse flavours and aroma profiles. The different types of pepper grown around the world offer a wide range of tastes that go beyond a warm mouth feel and can surprise the taste buds.

The pepper tree

When the pepper tree flowers, the flowers turn into clusters of berries that are harvested at different stages of ripeness. Once dried, these berries are called peppercorns.

Le poivrier est originaire de la côte de Malabar, située dans le sud-ouest de l'Inde. Au fil du temps, sa culture s'est étendue à de nombreux pays, du Brésil à Madagascar en passant par différentes régions d'Asie. Cependant, pour que le poivre puisse être cultivé, il est nécessaire que le climat soit tropical et humide, quelle que soit la région du monde où il est cultivé.

Although there are many aromatic berries that resemble pepper, some people do not consider them to be real pepper. They are commonly called "false peppers". However, these berries are no less interesting in the kitchen and can be used in the same way as traditional pepper, offering a diverse range of flavours to enrich recipes.



 The different colours

Poivre vert


Green pepper is a type of pepper that is harvested at a very early stage, which generally makes it less strong in taste. It is often used fresh, dried, freeze-dried or preserved in brine. It is commonly used in sauces and goes well with meats such as entrecote, duck breast and pork, as well as with fish. This pepper is very popular in French and Thai cuisine.


Poivre noir


Black pepper is picked at an early stage of ripening to be dried in the sun. It is during this drying process that the pepper changes colour and texture to become black and withered. It is used to enhance the flavour of various dishes such as vegetables, white meats and fish. It is best added at the end of cooking as heat can alter its flavour.


Poivre rouge


Red pepper is harvested when fully ripe and then dried in the sun. During this process, it turns a deep red colour and often develops a more pungent flavour than other types of pepper. It is often used in combination with poultry, duck and pork to bring an intense, spicy flavour to dishes.


Poivre blanc


White pepper is usually obtained from red pepper that has been stripped of its husk by soaking in water. The peppercorns are then dried to become white. It is used in the preparation of various dishes such as soups, meats and vegetables.



The conservation of pepper

Pepper, whether black, red, green or white, can be stored in dry or freeze-dried form in a jar protected from light and humidity.


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